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Business value for Executives -

In the modern workplace, executive teams need more than weekly reports on what is happening within their organizations – they need granular access into work being done, and the ability to interact with task owners. KanBo provides top-down visibility into projects, portfolios, and initiatives underway through a single-pane of glass.

Maintaining a comprehensive view of projects and portfolios is KanBo’s discipline. It’s not enough to have a high-level summary of projects and tasks – leadership teams need visibility into the details. KanBo provides a comprehensive view into what is happening, and allows everyone to review details, ask questions, provide feedback, and track progress against the overall timeline.

Context-switching between applications results not only in lost data, but lost context of why decisions were made, and actions taken. KanBo conversations happen inline with your project, your task, and through the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite, within Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other tools, ensuring your conversations are always in context. Even if you need to look it up what happened some years ago with the same precision as it was yesterday – the KanBo activity streams never forget.

The Board

We’ve designed KanBo in a way it provides deep and powerful functionality but with a user experience that is beautiful in its simplicity. You and your team enjoy a host of features and each member can learn to use the KanBo way of working quickly.
The KanBo Board consist of Lists where you create cards that will be moved from list to list when tasks are processed. Lists are used to create and monitor (task) workflows but can also be used as containers to store ideas and information within a context.

Meet the Timeline

Our timeline feature enables you to see all current cards with a set deadline and how far away said deadline still is. Gather essential information at a glance and easily prioritize tasks for your daily and weekly todo list.

Board Chat

The board chat enables you to communicate with colleagues and co-workers directly in a specific board (e.g. Sales) and discuss the latest events throughout the board. You also are able to mention any user in your message to draw their attention to a KanBo Card.

Knowledge management

Setting KanBo as your intranet creates a place for everyone to communicate and exchange knowledge in context. Rather than writing peer to peer messages where valuable knowledge ends up in silos KanBo cards organize valuable information seamlessly. Valuable insights are stored along with running processes, work is aligned and coordination improved. Your organization’s knowledge is created, organized and kept naturally increasing both employee satisfaction and dedication.

What is KanBo’s Business Value for Managers?

What is KanBo’s Business Value for Information Workers?