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Business Value for Information Workers -

Information Workers need the ability to work independently, but quickly identify and connect with subject-matter experts, as needed, to complete their work. At its core, KanBo provides powerful social collaboration capabilities that help employees interact with peers and managers, create and share content, and get work done faster.

KanBo focuses on work, and makes it more social. When content, conversations, and context are all in one location, workloads are completed more quickly and comprehensively. KanBo helps you reduce the level of interruptions by personalizing your notifications. Follow topics, lists, cards, and boards to get information on what you care about the most, in real-time. Make email a more integrated part of your intelligent workplace, converting important emails into cards, and quickly assigning tasks, attaching relevant content, and securing everything using SharePoint security and compliance controls. You are in charge of your information.

Social Collaboration

Content, context and conversations in one place. Whether you’re completing a project or closing a sales lead – getting everything related to the job on one page, instantly makes collaboration easier. Attach files, view the status and add comments – everything’s updated in real time. Use activity streams to work out loud, follow only these contexts you are interested in, use file-sharing and tasks to collaborate across your business. Ultimately watch this real-time in-context-communication make email a thing of the past.

Document Sources

Most enterprises have been in business for a long time and they have a lot of documents scattered across different locations like shared network drivesSharePoint LibrariesOneDrive, etc. With KanBo’s Document Sources feature you attach your existing locations of documents to KanBo Boards and start using documents from there in your KanBo cards without creating additional copies of documents. The documents stay where they are today and you can view and edit them (even in a browser) directly from KanBo Cards. All documents are under Version Control and when people are following cards with documents they will get notified about new versions of documents. KanBo only references the documents and does not create any copies. Attach as many Document Sources to your Board as you need and drag & drop documents on KanBo Cards.

Non interruptive and personalized notifications

No interrupting emails from colleagues anymore. Get information on what you care about the most in real time. Follow topics, lists, cards, boards.

The final cure to the CC-Email disease.


Workflows and Integrations

We have built 15 custom actions for Nintex Workflow so you can create and move cards as your workflow proceeds. All custom actions are described here.

You can build great applications especially with SharePoint Lists that store data from Web Forms (i.e. InfoPathNintex or Wufoo Forms). Using Business Connectivity Services you can connect almost any Data Sourceto your KanBo Board. Combining integration with other enterprise systems and mobile push notifications on followed elements in KanBo provide a very strong foundation for building mobile solutions without programming.

KanBo Outlook App

The Outlook App makes it easy for you transfer information from an email to KanBo. This App equips you with the ability to convert Emails into KanBo Cards. It is also possible to select an existing KanBo Card and attach information from the email to it. During this process the KanBo Outlook App decomposes the email into parts like sender, receiver, subject and attachments. All that information is placed into the KanBo Card as separate elements to increase usability of these information. The attachments are uploaded to the SharePoint Library that has been selected in the KanBo Board settings as default for Email attachments and linked with the newly created or selected KanBo Card.

KanBo Outlook App - convert email into KanBo Card

What is KanBo’s Business Value for Executives?

What is KanBo’s Business Value for Managers?