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The Solution for Software Development Department -

Solution for the Software Development Department

IT teams no longer provides break-fix services as they are driving business growth and are now part of every organization. In our solution, we would like to focus on how IT can interface with business, as we all know that bridging this gap should be a high priority for any company.

Every day, managers expect something from the IT teams, in most cases, these teams do not work in one place, in one branch, they are dispersed in different locations and tools that they use is not easy to understand. Thanks to the KanBo they have an interface, which can transfer their needs in a simple, easy, fast and intuitive way. It also works the other way, people from the IT department can quickly ask in the context of a given topic, what exactly are the expectations for a given task. At any moment, they can present a dedicated solution and show what they have worked out to make sure that everything is going in the right direction and that something needs to be improved.

TIP: Read more about this in our blog – 5 tips to improve communication between Business and IT.

Best practice for Software Development Department

1. Communication between IT and Business users is crucial and necessary to achieve common acceptance together regarding software’s shape.
2. A platform for communication and sharing feedback regarding software is required so there’s no need to organize daily, time-consuming meetings to discuss current matters.
3. Ability to work from everywhere and from every accessible device is important to maintain the good performance of every party.
4. Developers require clear instructions what should be developed, and what should be the shape of it. There is a need to have instant access to the most recent materials and documents such as specifications.
5. Developing a software should have a clear and transparent process of approvals, testing and flow.


Benefits for the Software Development Team

Business – better communication, real-time cooperation
IT – more frequent interactions with business in the context of the task

TIP: Consider what are your common daily tasks and which projects you can start at first!

It’s your turn now!

Identify the projects you will be working on in KanBo:

  1. Create a Board for software development process,
  2. Create lists which respond to the workflow of a project in a Board,
  3. Add users to a Board – choose people of various departments which collaborate together,
  4. Create Cards which respond to tasks performed during a project,
  5. Launch a kickoff for your team members, explain them a purpose of KanBo, 
  6. Start daily work in KanBo!

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