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Remove the barriers to become a modern company -

Remove the barriers to become a modern company

Below we want to show you an example of how a modern company SandBox LTD works, it is a fully digital company that uses the latest technology solutions. SandBox LTD uses 7 rules, thanks to which it can operate in today’s world.

These seven rules are very simple, but very important, without them SandBox LTD would not be the same as it is today, here are the rules:

  1. No paper – only digital information
  2. No offices – only personal workplace
  3. No meetings – we just solve problems
  4. No email – contextual communication
  5. No managers – only teamwork (no hierarchy – flat structure)
  6. No supervision – passion is the main driver
  7. No manipulation – protected by Blockchain

Thanks to the fact that SandBox LTD uses the latest technologies, the work is much easier and more enjoyable. Users from various departments can join teams and work together on a given project, it does not matter what branch or country they are from, after all, it is not important because everything is happening in the digital world. Everyone who has knowledge and skills does not have to be classified only in one team but can also work with colleagues on various projects in different teams.

TIP: Sandbox LTD is powered by KanBo and is a similar project of an exemplary company to Contoso LTD. Look for the Business values for Executive here.

View Your Business at a Glance – The KanBo Home

When you first enter KanBo, you will see a dashboard with three sections.

Read more about KanBo

Here you will find the basic information about KanBo and links to advanced information about KanBo in our Knowledge base.  We introduce KanBo by using the fundamental functionalities of boards.

Sample boards

In this section, you will find examples of your daily work presented in use cases like implementing Innovations or managing Team.

Create own Boards

It’s your turn now! Here you are able to create your own use cases and projects from scratch.

TIP: In your daily use, you can configure the dashboard accordingly to your needs!

Calculate your own benefits!

Look what’s happening in your organization when you start working with our 7 rules.

It’s your turn now!

Identify the projects you will be working on in KanBo:

  1. Create a Board for every project,
  2. Create lists which respond to the workflow of a project in a Board,
  3. Add users to a Board – choose people which perform a project, 
  4. Create Cards which respond to tasks performed during a project,
  5. Launch a kickoff for your team members, explain them a purpose of KanBo, 
  6. Start daily work in KanBo!

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