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The Marketing Department – solution for modern company

The Marketing Department – solution for modern company

The marketing department, organizing a project such as a conference might be a challenge for many organizations. Setting up an event requires collaboration on many levels of various departments across a company, especially for marketing teams and event managers. What is also needed is the ability to perform their work in the real time and use of Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban as well as instant access to the most recent task,  information and documents. The benefits of implementing KanBo in the marketing team are all kinds of, for example, we gain good communication in the team, consistent knowledge, we do not waste time on emails, meetings or time to search for information.

In KanBo – the Work-Coordination Platform, we know how important working in teams is and today we will present you how to organize an event by a Marketing Team by using kanban board. Planning a conference is a huge opportunity for companies and teams inside them. An event might be a chance to promote the organization’s product, ideas or just a chance to share the most important values with people.

KanBo is a platform where the organization can organize and schedule the whole event, giving the organizers and co-workers everything, they need. We would like to present you our case study of organizing a scientific conference about Digital Transformation.

TIP: Read more about this in our blog – Efficient collaboration in the marketing team.

How to develop a promotion event

Organizers of an event – Users

The team consists of marketing specialists, but users from other departments are added there as they have knowledge that can be useful at other stages in this project. The team in KanBo can be a multidisciplinary group of employees, representing the company’s important departments.

Stages of the project – Lists

This project was divided into 4 areas, thanks to this, the team can split their activities into various sections (Graphics, Promotion, Marketing, Organizers), in which there are added cards (so-called micro-actions).

Context – communicate immediately with other team members in a card.

As soon as collaborators are added to the project of organizing the event and the structure is ready, it is time to assign tasks to people or teams. Many cards are created there, representing major tasks, which need to be completed in a order.

TIP: In your daily use, you can configure the dashboard accordingly to your needs!

See how a modern marketing department works with Agile across a company. All projects are done with kanban and scrum methodology.
Marketing department, Scrum, Agile, Kanban

Benefits for the Marketing Department

CEO – Real-time analytics and Gantt charts
Managers – Better project planning and team communication
Young Professionals – More knowledge, easy onboarding

TIP: Consider what are your common daily tasks and which projects you can start at first!

It’s your turn now!

Identify the projects you will be working on in KanBo:

  1. Create a Board for every event,
  2. Create lists which respond to the workflow of a project in a Board,
  3. Add users to a Board – choose people of various departments which collaborate together,
  4. Create Cards which respond to tasks performed during a project,
  5. Launch a kickoff for your team members, explain them a purpose of KanBo, 
  6. Start daily work in KanBo!

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